Daily gestures that enhance wellbeing.

Celmax Italia specialises in pet hygiene products, protective bed pads for babies and incontinence products. Born in 2007 from the necessity to provide daily hygiene solutions in a range of situations, meet market demands, and answer customers’ needs.

We are committed to creating the best products for pets, adults, and children.


Pet Care

Our daily hygiene products for pets.

Personal Care

Our solutions to address adult incontinence with serenity.

Baby Care

Our products for babies.

We believe in Made in Italy

We are committed to offering quality products, supporting Made in Italy, choosing the best materials, and investing in research, in order to provide you with the best pet care and personal care products.

The products you choose, with your brand.

We develop and sell a vast range of pet care products and personal care products for babies and adults with incontinence.

Solutions for RETAIL

We personalise all products, from the selection of raw materials to branding and packaging.

Solutions for SHOPS

Our extensive experience with large retailers allows us to provide a comprehensive range of private label products.

Let’s keep in contact.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information about our products or to request a quote for a supply. We will be happy to meet your requests.

    New products

    Are you a private individual?
    Are you a store owner?

    You can buy branded products with a minimum order limit to be defined at the time of the request.

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